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Hi community,

So things began getting heated between me and a girl last Saturday. We started with kissing and things progressed to oral. She maybe gave me oral for 10 minutes. She got on top of me and began to grind a little and then she put my penis inside of her and took it out and then did it again and took it out. I was not wearing a condom, but I did not ejaculate at all. That was the only time that night that that happened. We only made out and did other things and no more penetration was involved. She may have been ovulating that day because her period was the previous week. What are the chances of pregnancy? I'm a little worried because I shouldn't have let the penetration happen without a condom but it was very briefly and took me by surprise. She was complaining today today of having some pelvic pains and I think its from ovulating which is my main point of concern because I know sperm can live for 5 days in the vagina. But I also know sperm are very very fragile and the vagina is acidic. Can anyone help me please? 



If she had her period the week before then chances are she wont get pregnant but it does depend on the length between each period she has. If she is around 28 days or longer between bleeds then she wont get pregnant but its very good that you know a lot about this sort of stuff because a lot of people don't and get worried over nothing. A woman ovulates 14 days before her next period (so 2 weeks after her period started) so if she is worried then she needs to see this to calm and reassure her. Also she needs to know that stressing and worrying over possible pregnancy can result in a delay in her next period or she could miss completely but this doesn't mean she's pregnant. I have my fingers crossed for you both that all is ok.