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Can weight gain and water retention (bloating) be a symptom of undiagnosed and untreated Celiac Sprue? I know weight loss is common but I've gained 25 lbs in less than 5 months.
I have stomach emptying problems and gastroparesis.


Gaining weight is always a big problem, especially when you are a woman. But there is no reason to assume that behind gaining weight is some serious condition. 

How old are you? I am asking because as we getting older our body is becoming more and more demanding and it is asking for some radical changes if we want to maintain our figure. So the reasons behind your weight gain could be various. Maybe you are eating too much of junk food and your body can't handle that anymore like it used to. So maybe you could visit your family doctor just to see what is really going on. With more information you will be able to resolve your problem easier. And you could be bloated because of the food you are eating and as direct consequence is problem with stomach emptying. 

Let us know what you have discovered after seeing your doctor.