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Hi, I'm 16 and i am extremely worried. i have been experiencing itch and redness on the bottom foreskin of my penis around the frenulum area, I have not been circumsised. It itches and goes red often, but not all the time. The affected area is usually folded inside (touching the tip) when my penis isnt erect. Its been going on for at least 8 months.

Also in the past month or so, i have noticed a line appearing along the bottom of my penis. This line is bright red.. ( almost looks like its bleeding) although there is no blood on the outside.. and its about half a milimeter in width and it extends from the top of my penis and all the way down. I'm starting to suspect if this might be a case of frenulum breve. My penis usually curves upwards and its pointing up when errect, and the tip does not face down.. so i have no idea if it is actually frenulum breve or not.

When erect, the skin on my penis is actually a little shiny on the bottom... (on the red area).

I have seen a doctor, and he just prescribed some cream to relieve itching.. it seems to do the job.. but it still doesnt stop it from coming back. He also told me to apply sobolene cream if the skin feels dry.. which i have been applying several times everyday..
it still hasnt healed yet.. and im extremely worried..

Has anyone expereineced or know what the problem that i have is?
Thank you


Im no doctor but your condition does sound like frenulum breve. I would suggest getting a second opinion from a different doctor about fixing your problem. 8 months is a very long time to have a problem like that.