I've never used a site like this before but I can't afford to see a doctor and am having a hard time finding ideas for my skin irritations. The first one being on my leg. It started out around three months ago as one little red spot that itched horribly and has since grown into eight spots bunched together. They don't seem to bother me too much except when I'm in the shower... the water running over it drives me insane and I end up attacking it with one of those scratchy puff balls. It seems to ooze a liquid after I dry it off. Next: My face has recently gotten really dry and my cheeks have started to redden. I'd say I was starting to get acne again but the pimples aren't nearly as large or irritating, more like tiny little bumps that burn. Lastly: I have recently noticed some tiny hive-like bumps on my arms. They aren't red and they don't itch... they're just there. Only on one of my arms however. I do have extremely sensitive skin. I'm allergic to lots of soaps and detergents. Even most jewelry, including hypo-allergenic. Help???