About my condition:

First signs started when I was 12, I’m 31 now. Over the years they have spread to cover my entire right testicle. I would guess at anywhere between 200-300 spots. 

Material used:

I used Ebanel Numb 520, a soldering iron that reached 480c with changeable tips, and Neosporin antibiotic ointment. (I had this material for months before having the courage.)

Treatment Process:

Numbing cream for a half hour. The soldering iron was cranked to 480c. I used the larger tip since the entire area is covered. I was not patient, or conservative, I went to town on all the ones I could see. (Very minimal bleeding surprisingly) Like everyone says, just a couple quick touches to the area, and it either sizzled or popped, and turned white. After finishing with the iron I took a shower, and applied the ointment.


As most recommend, attacking the entire area isn’t smart, but that’s my mentality. With the numbing cream there was nearly no pain at all while burning each spot. The shower went well also. Once I dried off and the numbing cream was gone, THE PAIN SET IN! The next couple hours were very uncomfortable, but now if seems to be fine.

I will continue to apply ointment and keep the are dry. Hopefully this time next week I’ll see a difference. I’ll update once the area is healed and has to to clear up.

Thank you all for your openness to discuss the issue online. This website has helped out tremendously.