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After months of trying useless methods such as teatree and castor oil (3-4 moments of pain a day after applying the oil for 4 months) I clearly noticed that I wasnt getting anywhere, I bought that PDF and realised I got ripped off when he doesnt talk about any do-it-at-home method, I had no other choice but to resort to the soldering iron, and let me say it is the single best thing ive done all year, your penis will look rough for a week, but when I peeled it off I had a perfect penis as if it was done by a co2 laser, I just want to say good luck to anyone that had the problem I had, I had so many papules and they looked so disgusting and I couldn't take it anymore, I feel like a normal person now and no longer have to turn down blow jobs, but if you are gonna do it then get a numbing cream


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The only thing your really doing using this method is putting yourself at a very high risk of getting a serious infection in your penis that could even lead to amputation!

Why do you worry about them so much because they are not harmful in any way and even girls get them on there vaginas during puberty and it is also possible to get them round your mouth so tell me would you use a soldering iron on them!