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My daughter had a hysterectomy when she was 28 due to extreme endometriosis. She is now 32 and has started having problems with recurring kidney infections. She doesn't have the burning or any symptoms that indicate a urinary tract infection. She just starts running a high fever, had severe back pain and starts vomiting. Her temperature the last time she had one went as high as 104. She was sent to a urologist who did a scope of her bladder and kidney he said everything looked fine. We were told that her bladder is enlarged but that is all. The urologist sent her to her GYN but now her GYN wants to send her to another doctor. We are tired of the run around with the doctors . Has anyone had anything like this and could possibly give us some insight to this problem. Thanks


I had a hysterectomy two years ago and have exactly the same symptoms. I also went to a Urologist and go nowhere, due to go back tomorrow however, I'll keep you updated as to how I progress.