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Hello i m sunita and i m 33 years old and i have 2 child. My problem is heavy bleeding during period. When i done ultrasound then it shows .Urinary bladder is partially distended. Uterus is reteroverted and bulky in size and altered echotexture ET=11 mm. Mild fluid collection noted in the POD. SO pls tell me the meaning and what is the deciese is and possible treatment. Pls tell me i m so tense.


Hello sunita,

it would be best if you discussed these results with your ob-gyn, so he or she could give you information about possible treatments. But generally, these results mean that your uterus is enlarged, possibly due to endometriosis which would also cause you painful and heavy bleeding periods.

Since endometriosis can affect surrounding organs in your pelvis, it's also possible that it began affecting your bladder. But like I said earlier, it would still be best if you got the results interpreted by your ob-gyn,

Wish you all the best,