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Hey, i am 18 years old and i have been smoking pot for three years now on and off. since september last year it had been an almost daily habit, however just under two months ago i had taken a two week break and since then its been more of a weekend thing due to work and other personal reasons. Now i noticed because of my break the "high" was avidly more intense then as i were used too and i also noticed it took me alot less to achieve that state of mind. very much less to be specific. Now the problem is that what had also been happening was an increased POUNDING heart rate so much so i could see my heart beating when i lifted up my shirt and it felt almost as if my heart would pop! this was followed by a numbing pain and mild shortness of breath on the lower left side of my chest. also a mild numbness sort of weakness in my left arm occurred. at the time i was convinced i was dying but my friends convinced me i was just tripping out. i noticed after i smoked, the pain died down. Now after the third time of this happening i got fed up and researched my symptoms and encountered a very wide range of what could be happening: anxiety, stroke, kidney infection, lung infection, kidney failure, heart attack kidney stones etc. however all symptoms would not point to one thing and all things would not contain all symptoms. however what intrigued me the most was the kidney and lung related diagnosis. this is because of my shortness of breath and the pain being located in my left kidney area near my lungs. the internet has been helpful in assisting me but i have not found a root cause yet and i am scared to smoke weed again until i diagnose this problem. 


Hey pot head,

I am an experienced marijuana user and have been smoking for about the same time you have. Recently, within the past 6 months I have greatly, greatly cut down my usage.


I have realized with this that even taking a small pipe toke, one hit, I get extremely high. To the point that it is just uncomfortable and my heart is racing and pounding hard. I am quitting for awhile completely right now and know for a fact when I do smoke again, it will be much much less than even what I used to consider "one small bowl".

Try smoking a very very small amount of marijuana, you may surpirse yourself just how very LITTLE will actually get you high. I know from my experience It can be a change especially if you are used to getting really high but when you quit and your tolerance goes down I really believe there is such a thing as "getting too high".

I'm sorry I can't help with your other issues, although I have thought I have perceived a pain in my heart (or below it apparantly, considering where the heart is located) I really think that I have led myself to believe I was getting a pain there because when you get really high you can get paranoid.

But for sure, try smoking very small amounts and see if any of the other problems magically go away... it's worth a shot.