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So, I'm 17 years old and I'm a 36B although my left breast fits perfectly but my right breast is a bit that too much of a difference? I'm kinda worried. Also, my left areola is a little bit puffy at the bottom and that nipple/areola is much more sensitive than the right one. I want to know if this is strange or out of the ordinary.. please let me know! helpp!


This is quite normal and it is known fact that female breasts are not the same size even when your body finishes with its development. So don't worry about this. And if you have talked with your friends you probably know that they have the similar problems. And because you are still teenager it is normal that every single thing affects your self -esteem but don’t let this little thing to influence your confidence.

So just be a little bit more patient and soon they will be the same size. And the same thing is with your nipples. The sensitive one is probably sensitive because she is growing and taking her final look. And please let us know when your body finishes this process and you are happy with the size of your breasts.