Please help me someone, I am a 28 year old female and I have been having these epsiodes of feeling like I am about to pass out for a few seconds since May of this year. I have only had 4 epsiodes since that time but since Aug 20th of this year I have been lightheaded daily, just not as severe as the other 4 epsiodes. I can just be watching tv, riding in the car or on the computer and it just comes. I suffer from palpations, PVCS, PACS and sometimes a fast heart rate but I dont really feel my heart doing those things when it happens. It could be something that I dont feel because I have had PVCS that I did not feel but the monitor said I was throwing them, so I feel some but not all. I am scared to DEATH, I have 2 children to care for and I am in constant fear that I am one of these times I am going to actually pass out and not get back up. I have had a negative MRI WO contrast, I had echo, holter, stress test, EP study in 2004, Cardiac cath in May of this year in fact this feeling started shortly after that procedure not sure it has anything to do with it. I have been to ENT because I had a Nystimas (sorry spelling) and they thought it might be my ear but my ears are fine, he sent me for a sleep study, tested my ears, blood work all NORMAL. I have had all the blood test, thyroid, sugar, electorlytes, iron, kidneys, liver just everything.. I had a blood pressure test where they put you in different positions and test your BP and heart rate all NORMAL.. The brain doc thought maybe anxiety as I have had panic attacks and such in the past but the shrink did not seem to think it was releated to anxiety at all. I am at a lost and feel like I am running out of time. Its frustrating to have this going on and not to have any answers. All I keep thinking is something is being missed in my heart or brain and that I am going to die.. I do have a family history of sudden death both my granfather and father died at age 50 but I dont know the reason because I never met my father and his family tells me they dont know the reason and its either that or they just dont want to tell me despite all my begging. In the past couple months I have had an increase in PACS and PVCS and I am not sure why and at times they feel different to, I use to have a flutter once every few months and now there are days where I have many flutters a minute for HOURS on end :-( . Please anyone if you have had this before and if you have any ideas on what it could be I would love to hear from you... Please help me to help myslef I feel like no one is listening to me, I feel alone and helpless. I know we all have to die one day but I am not ready yet. I am scared to leave my children, all they have is me. I mean I am married but my husband would be lost without me.. Ok sorry for the long post, please please thanks ?