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Please someone I need you help, I am a 28 year old female and I have been having epsiodes of lightheadness since May of this year. I have had 4 epsiodes where I feel like I am going to pass out. I had the first epsiode in May and then since AUG 20th of this year I have had the other 3 and have milder lightheadedness daily since then. I have had all the test, negative MRI WO contrast, echo, holter, stress test, cardiac cath (in fact this started a little after that test). I had all the heart test in May because an increase in palpations and some chest pains. I had a normal EP stusy in 2004 but not sure that result is still good. I had blood work for thryroid, electrolytes, sugar, iron everything has been checked there I think. I had a blood pressure test where they put you in different postions and check you BP and HR and it was normal. I went to the ENT because they said I had a nystimas (spelling???) Which led them to believe it was my ears but my ears are fine, he sent me for a sleep study which was normal also so he has no idea what it is. I can be riding in the car, watching TV, be on the computer and it just happens suddenly. Like all is normal and it just happens. I went to the shrink because I thought maybe it was anxiety, I have had that and panic attacks in the past but she did not feel that it was releated in anyway and now I am lost. I have since May had an increase in PVCS and PACS, I use to get a flutter here and there and I am having epsiodes of them way often at several a minute for hours on end. I do have a family history of sudden death, both my grandfather and father died at the age 50 and no one can tell me why, I never met my father and his family really wants nothing to do with me so I dont know if they really dont know or if they just dont want to tell me. Please help me to help myself, if you have had this or have any idead I would love to hear from you because I am growing very anxious, I am so afraid that one of these times I am going to pass out and not get up. I have 2 children that need me and I feel like no one is taking me seriously. I know I have had testing but I keep thinking something was missed in my heart or brain.. I asked my cardio for another monitor and he refused because I had one but I was not feeling this when I had that one. I dont understand why the increase with these heart flutters either. It seems like a whole buck of strange things have been happening to me since May. I am so afraid and all I keep thinking is that I am going to die and I know we all die one day I am not ready yet, I have my kids that need me. Sorry for the long post but any help is greatly appreciated!


Sorry to hear of your illness.I am a 42 male with simuliar problems, have had this since I was a teen. I been told many different things. One doctor would call it vertigo and anxiety, another says its positional vertigo,another says its from high blood pressure, another says its because of migraines, or dehydrations. I have become very frustrated with the whole medical community. I hope your conditions improve, hopefully someday they will figure out what is wrong with us.