Hi, I am new here, just made a profile earlier today. I been debating if I wanted to post or not, so I have decided to post my story and my fears.

Here's my story:
Thursday when I was on my way home from work I got into a car accident. I was less than 30 seconds away from home. Driving straight down the street and this car tried to turn down the side street, but she didn't have enough room to turn in front of me. Before I knew it, she was turning, i was slamming on my break and then I hit the passenger front side of her car. After we hit, I jumped out the car and that's when I realized I couldn't walk or put any pressure on my foot. Went to the ER and they took an XRAY and I was told my foot was broken, but it was a minor break and to follow up with an orthopedic doctor and they wrapped it up in a splint. So Monday when I did go to the Orthopedic doctor he told me that surgery was basically the only way and that all the bones in my foot got pushed over to the right. He told me I needed to have surgery as soon as possible and since my foot wasn't swollen anymore he said Thursday.

Now this is the part that scares me. I am terrified to have surgery, terrified to be put under anesthesia, scared that I won't wake up from the surgery or that they'll be complications. Now take it, I am 22 years old, very healthy, I have a prolactin issue, but nothing severe. I think I am more scared because of all the risk the doctor was telling me about. He told me I had to take blood thinners for 2 wks after the surgery, did anyone else have to do this?

My question is actually this, how long was your surgery? (if you had one) and how many screws did you get? how long did recovery take? do i have a reason to be scared or no?I just kind of need some clarification because all I've been doing was crying and saying i'm scared and that i don't want to do this. How long were you out of work? I work in a preschool, as a teachers assistant, so i'm basically on my feet all day, so I know I will probably be out for a while after the surgery. Doctor also told me that I could get arthritis in my foot, has anybody got it as a result from this injury? Does anyone have pain when it rains or when the weather is bad?

Thank you in advance for your replies and post.