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I'm probably one of the top ten fatest girls in my'm 103.4 Ib and it says on my research that for a 11 year old girl, I should be at least 20 pounds less than that. So...I need something better than almost breaking my back doing mussel hurting yoga. any ideas? Please!!!!! I need some! I have gotten bulied on my look. And it's not fun! Please help! T^T


Hello WeirdOneWithIdeas,

So, you're 103.4 pounds and your 11 years old and you need to lose weight and you're tired of back muscle breaking Yoga.  You might try fast paced aerobic exercises that actually go into anerobic quickly.  These exercise can be done standing up and you need to swings arms and kick those legs and do some body twists as fast as you can for 5 minutes if you can and then repeat this say 10 times.  This is a fast burning calorie exercise and works well.  I use it when I need to jump start my exercises when I haven't done them in a while.  I think you'll like it.