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I'm 15 yrs old and I'm like 66kg. I have too lose weight as soon as possible. I want to loose at least 5 kg in 3 months time. I go to the gym and i don'teat much food yet still don't lose weight, in fact i actually gain. I wanna lose weight REALLY REALLY badly... any tips? or recommended stuff? maybe even some diet plans? If you recommend an exercise i just wanna say I'm not very fond of running because I have asthma. HELP PLEASE :<


Weight loss is a simple input and output balance; if you eat more calories in a day than your body burns up, you will gain weight. There is only one effective way to lose weight; a healthy reduced calorie diet, combined with daily vigorous exercise. Less in, more out!Water won't help you to lose weight. You also need to set yourself realistic targets, you should be looking to lose 1-2lbs per week.