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I am panicking here!! I have always had sparse light colored brows but lately, within the last week or two I noticed that I have lost a lot of hairs on one brow (the inner 1/3). The other brow is fine. The hairs aren't 100% gone. When looking very close up (face to mirror) there are still hairs but they are very fine and short and there aren't that many which makes it look like there are none when looking at a normal distance. In comparison to the normal brow, it is definitely noticeable. It makes my normal brow suddenly look full. =( I used to hate my light brows but with my current predicament I realize how much I took forgranted that I even had brows. I didn't notice a progression, one day I just woke up and saw that section of brow hairs missing!! It's been about a week or two since I noticed and although it might be my imagination I think it is getting a little worse. The outer 2/3 of that brow still looks perfectly fine though, for now.

I don't know what it could be! have been lightly filling in my brows for the last 7 years and have not changed the product I use (an eyeshadow powder). I am young (relatively) and have no health problems. I can't think of anything I have changed recently that may have caused this. I have been on BCPs, the same kind, Yasmin, for the last 3-4 years. I had terrible side effects the very first month of taking BCPs but have not experienced any since. I googled possible causes of eyebrow hair loss and BCP are on the list but does it make sense that I could have been taking them for 4 years without this happening and suddenly I'm losing brow hairs? What could it be? I am so worried! I hope they grow back.


I experienced the exact same thing. I switched from Ortho to Yasmin and in November I first noticed a patch of hair was missing from my left eye brow. I thought maybe I slept on my face too long or something else. I went to the doctor and had a blood test done for my thyroid etc and I had nothing wrong. I even had the doctor pull on my head hair to see if that was falling out and ask me about hair growth in other regions of my body. She determined it was overplucking, however I rarely pluck. When I was on Ortho my eye brows were fine and bushy just the way I liked them. I do not wear any make-up including eye make-up and knew it could not have been caused by that. I also rarely wax or pluck so it did not make sense. I have been doing some research and it can be caused by horomone imbalances. I switched to a cheaper and different BCP, Alesse to fix my other menstrual problem ( BCP side-effect) and that has been fixed, but no regeneration of hair growth has occurred. I did notice however, that my hair growth in other regions including my other eye brow has sped up extensively. I have aboe 4 hairs on my left eye brow and a full set on my right, it looks silly but I am getting used to it. I am not sure what to tell you but I am experincing the same thing.