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Including eye brows, and all the eye makeup... what do you think the best way to do a woman's eyes is?

I've heard of people both shaving and plucking their brows and I've pretty much decided to stick to plucking, but even that is a challenge in itself. Is it best to pluck each small hair at a time or well placed sections of hair, etc.?

And as far as eye shadow, mascara, etc... i just need advice.

Merci. :-D


Use a brow brush to brush them up, then pluck each hair that doesn't look like it belongs in the way your brows are shaped. Try to keep a nice arch and don't pluck them to short, otherwise you have to use pencil until they grow back. If you have hair between your eyes, tweeze them also. Never shave your brows, they grow back like whiskers and you could slip with the razor and really have an uneven looking brow. It's real hard to get a nice arch if you use a razor anyway.
As far as shadow and mascara, a little goes a long way. Choose a shadow shade that is kind of muted, like maybe a soft pale green or an earthy tone like a soft beige. Depending on your hair color, if your a blond, the soft greens and pale blues are pretty as well as the softest of purple tones.
Darker hair could lean towards the muted earthy tones. Thick, gobbed on eye shadow looks really bad, unless that is the look your going for, hey every one is different.
I am a fan of straight up black mascara, and i use a eyelash curler. Don't glop it on, looks like spider eyes. Gentle strokes over the whole lash, let it dry, the add a little more. Easy tho, they will get clumpy. Throw out your unused mascars after 6 months, it gets old. And don't forget your bottom lashes, not much tho, you'll look like Raggedy Ann with her big mascara lashes.
Try a little liner to, i like the pencil type as you can rub your finger over it and sort of blend it in so it's not so dark and prominent.
A little blush, again depending on your skin tone. There are peach tones, rose, mauve and pinks. Try them to see what you like best. There is no rule, it's your taste. A sweet light glossy lip tint and your good to go.
Many young girls today prefer just a little mascara a few swipes of the brush for blush and a subtle but shiny gloss for your lips.
Remember, less is best.


I also pluck my eyebrows. I pluck about every three to four days, just the ones that really stick out. It helps keep it up and it is easier to maintain. For eyes, I use neutral colors like browns. I put the darker brown on the bottom or just on the outter side, then a lighter color on the rest of it. I use a brown eye liner on the bottom and around the top of the eye lid. Curl your eye lashes and then put on mascara. I always wash my face with oil olay soap and oil olay cream under my makeup. Im 35 and have no ageing signs. I hope this helps.