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hi all - i am on my 2nd month of clomid 50mg - this is also assisted with pregnyl injections!

Just as i started my 2nd cycle my consultant has stated that i have endometriosis and that i will need an operation - although i can still fall pregnant it makes it harder....he let me continue with the cycle and i am hoping that i am pregnant - i have to wait until saturday (now monday) for my pregnancy test but my gut says i am not pregnant!

its so frustrating as i didnt have any problems falling pregnant with my first child.....we weren't even trying for him!!

I am getting low abdominal pains but not as bad as period pains....i also had towards the end of last weeks some discharge and its so many of the symptoms of pregnancy are pms sympton as well.

is anyone else going through the same thing......????


I'm sorry to hear that you are going through a hard time. I am not going through the same thing--obviously since my name indicates!--but I do know what a hard time you are having because a friend of mine actually went through the same thing that you are. It was difficult for her too, but it is still possible to get pregnant. It's just important to remember that this is a temporary setback so keep that attitude and don't let yourself get too frustrated and give up. Keep us posted on your progress!