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hi my recent lab Hematology blood test are as follows: RDW 13.2 PDW 12.9 MPV 10.2 P-LCR 27.3 NEUT 74.8 Neute Value 6540ul lymph 18% lymph value 1510ul MONO 6% Mono Value 620ul Eosin 1.0% Eos Vlue 100ul Basophil 0.2% Baso Value 20ul i am worry about low lymph percent,pl advise me if the result is ok or i have to investigate more about any disease


gh ard


Hello gh,

I'm not certain you have a disease.  Low levels of white blood cells, if this is truely low, certainly doesn't indicate lymphoma.  Which is a good thing.  First off your doctor should talked to you about these numbers to let you know if there is a problem.  Maybe your doctor did but you not satisfied with what he/she told you.  Is there some reason for this.  Do you suspect some problem that your doctor doesn't know about.  If there is, you need to get with your doctor and explain your concerns.  At the moment, it doesn't appear that you have any infection.  However, if you do your immune system isn't responding to it and that could be of concern.  I can't do anything at moment about that.  You need to talk with your doctor.