At first i've got a lump on penile shaft, immediately after was bit awkward feeling that day. lump was bit painful after one day some fliud came out of it and it suppressed. the same-day i found one more above groin area which is almost similar to pus head pimple. it was painful too. Third day (masturbated again:() Between thighs and crotch there was one more similar to more pus head like pimple(4mm dia) itching a lot. so i decided to break it while bathing by having a thought that it will sub-seed again as first one. after tat no pus,no pimple i cleaned it with cotton cloth to make it dry. Forth day there was one SMALL LUMP below scrotum(sack) and above groin area (again same place). Fifth day as i cracked the pus head before, it all sub-seeded, BUT i have noticed red blister(filled with pus and blood) started coming over the same LUMP on the scrotum. its growing huge (1cm). Sixth day i cleaned it while bathing and made it dry. Seventh day blister is gone which was very painful but LUMP(1cm Dia, No Pain now) is still there, lump u cant see its under scrotum skin and not attached to testis. i'm worried and scared a lot, leading a stressful life. bit shy too to show my private part to doctors. please help me out friends.