Hi, im 16, ive already posted a comment, but was only a guest, so have signed up and thought may aswell post again to make sure it gets viewed :-P
Im quite worried, as i have a lump on my left testicle. Its quite big, and when i get out of the shower, you can see it, it looks more like a lot of little "bumps". Its soft to touch, and i can even grip it and move it around a little. Its situated on the bottom of my left testicle, and goes up the back a little aswell, if i grip it, it also seems that my left testicle is quite small. These "lumps" feel very soft, with bigger lumps in places, and feel almost tube like, but very fine tubes.
Ive had this for over a year now, and im getting quite worried. I had a little pain a while back, probably about a year ago, in my left testicle, it would last for about a day then go, i only had this about twice. A lot of people in my highschool thought it was "funny" to hit people in the testicles, and everyone did it to anyone, could this be a possible cause?
Please reply as i am starting to worry a lot more lately about it, but would like if possible to find out what it is without going to the docs, hence this post.
Would really appreciate comments, thanks.