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ive found a smallish lump, Its located at the top of the throat on the outside it doesn't stick out I can just feel it there I'm really worried , and sometimes when I swallow I can feel it move or click or something idk, it doesnt hurt when I swallow please help, I don't wanna tell my mum, I just found the lump thingy there today idk how long it's been there, is only kinda hurts when I push on it, not very much though, idk what it is, I think of the worst case scenario straight away, so please help me, is it normal to feel thing that can move around under chin( are they lymph nodes) and I can move one on the right side aswell, I've been able to feel them for as long as I remember I'm really worried, sometimes they hurt when I push on them, not very often though, the lump on my neck hurts a belittle bit when I push on it, (probably because Ive been pushing it alot and feeling it), please help I hope this isn't serious !!!! Please reply


It sounds like you have a swollen lymph node.  This alone is no reason for concern.  We have hundreds of lymph nodes spread all throughout our body and they will enlarge for the slightest sign of inflammation.  Most of the time we don't even notice it.  General rule is that if it moves and is tender to the touch, it is not cancer.  Leep an eye on it but I suspect you will see it disappear within the next few days.