I'm almost 18 and recently I found a small pea thing under the skin about an inch away from the nipple, with a whitehead, left breast. I got the whitehead off but the pea thing is still under the skin weeks later and it doesnt hurt, its also pretty hard, I've been terrified its cancer and I've gone to 2 doctors, one said it was an ingrown hair and the other said i just needed to stop touching it, itll go away and its not cancer. then yesterday, i saw that a nipple discharge was a cancer sign so i squeezed one of my nipples to see what would happen, sure enough a tiny little bit of clear fluid started to come out in like 3 different spots around the nipple, i freaked out and squeezed the other, same thing... is there something to be worried about??? should i go to a third doctor...? i have been searching around i read sometimes clear fluid can be a hormone thing at this age, but im not sure..... im so scared. :O