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Yes, i have the same problem when i started masturbating at 17 i got pimples now i am 22 i still have pimples all over my face and they are started growing on my shoulders on my scalp and some times on my buns i do have same problem described earlier like
- Fatigue
- Lower back pain
- Thinning hair/hair loss
- Weak erection
- Premature ejaculation
- Groin/testicular pain
- Concentration and memory problems
- Sleep problems

and i am dieing to stop this hell can any one suggest any medicine or therapy to stop masturbating


Ryssak, after you spend eight yrs in college to become a Dr., then you can give medical advice that you know is correct. Acne and skin problems are inherited.. The best thing is to use natural soaps. that you are less likly to have a reaction to. Wash and clean your face several times a day to keep your pores clean. Check with a dermatoligist, there are treatments for severe cases. The one treatment will make your skin red, but then it goes away and your skin problems are gone. But seeing a specialist is always best. Usually your family Dr. has a list of Dr.s he trusts that he can refer you too. They have made many advancements in the treatment of acne. If you have oily skin, then use soap or a moisturizer for your type of skin.Just because acne usually starts when puberty does, and masturbation begins usually at the same time,people think one effects the other. Guys often tease guys with acne and tell them if they were having sex their acne would go away.But according to the previous poster just the opposite is true. Hand creams and other things are used as a lubricant that was not ment for that purpose. the perfumes dyes and oils in these products might effect your acne, so if you stop,then you are not using whatever you use for lubricant, and the effects go away...of course when you start again you are going through the same cycle of using something for a purpose other than it was intended for.

Teenagers should get a job and make money when they are young and know everything! Apparently the older you are the less you know!