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The last two days I have experienced some mild discomfort in my left upper jaw area when biting.
It is quite strange because it has only happened after 18:00. I´m not in constant pain.

Could it be the wisdom teeth. I have two half erupted wisdom teeth in my lower jaw and I don´t remember having this then.


YES! If you think it can, it probably is. There are nerves that run close to all your wisdom teeth--it's likely that they are damaged in a way or possibly infected. An xray (mostly painless) can help you realize this, and you know it's good to get those teeth taken care of--they don't regenerate on their own.

I can only begin at what I went through before having my teeth removed...i had my leg twitching, chills, shivers, etc. I had to go through multiple antibiotics as a result of an infected tooth. It was horrible.


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