I had a miscarriage 6weeks ago, I was in the hospital for five daysand had to have 4 units of blood, by the time I was released form the hospital my HCG level dropped from19, 000 to 3,000. two day later at my follow up apt the Dr. told me I lost the baby although no DNC was done or no final blood test. The Dr. did not even do an ultrasound to confirm the loss. Now 6 week later I still have not gotten my period and I took a new urine pregnancy test and the results show a positive reading. Can I still be pregnant? Could I have had a multiple pregnancy and lost one, or was threatening a miscarriage and did not actually miscarried. Does anyone know how long your level will drop after a miscarriage? Maybe it just a false positive and I am reading too much into it. I would appreciate any advice….