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Me and my husband decided to try to have another baby so I decided to take out my ring after having it in for only 3 days. 2 days after we then had intercourse 3 days in a row. then once before my expected period. I missed my period and took the test and it came back negative. I decided to wait another week and still havent gotten my period and took another test but still came back negative. I have signs of pregnancy like fatigue, constant urination, not necessarily morning sickness but nausea, and of course my missed period. So am I pregnant?


Hello, I am in the same boat as you. I am nearly a month late for my period and its been 2 months since I stopped taking BCC. I also have nausea , increased appetite and constant fatigue irritability ( much to my new husbands dismay), and we have started sex immediately after my period 2 months ago.
Ive taken 7 pregnancy tests and they all come back negative. Ive go 'hell on eartth' bloating and water retention and I am quite teary. I have a docs appointment in 4 days so fingers crossed.
The best thing to do is wait another week, dont drink / smoke and try to keep stress levels at a low ( I know easier said then done hehe)

Good luck olavwj and keep us posted with your progress