I experience morning nausea 3-4 times a month, wthout fail. Usually it's vomiting within an hour of awakening; frequently, there's diarrhea. I've taken to calling it all "gut stuff" and know that it's been a problem since I survived Severe Sepsis six years ago follwing a small dog bite on my hand. In the past year I've begun awakening with a bad (but usually tolerable) headache that's usually gone by noon and is probably due, in part, to lousy sleep.  Everything settles down as the day wears on, and more days than not I feel pretty good all day.  They've done all the tests, and I've tried a number of meds, including Reglan (Metoclopromide), Ranitidine and Nexium, with varying results. Things aren't anywhere near as bad as they were a few years back, but recovery is long and laborious. As you all know, the worst part is explaining it to bosses and co-workers who (I feel, anyway) look at you klike nothing is (or should be) wrong.