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I have been diagnosed with Mortons Neuroma, and have had this condition for over a year now. It is aggrevated when my shoes are tight and when I try to run.

Surgery has been offered as an option along with steroid injections. Has anyone else ever had either of these and how successfull was this?

I would look to avoid these opions preferably, but does anyone have any tips of how i can reduce the impact of the injury i.e. padding etc???

Many thanks in advance


As far as I know, the third solution would be alcohol injections but I am not sure if your doctor is familiar with them.

In the trials, alcohol injections have been shown to improve pain and decrease the size of Morton's neuroma.

Steroids and surgery do have their potential side effects and I understand why you are reluctant to trying any of these two procedures.

Make sure you don't wear any tight shoes but focus on soft-soled shoes with a wide toe box and low heel. Considering you've had it for a year, did any approach helped you at the initial stages like padding, cryotherapy, ultrasound, deep tissue massage or stretching exercises?


thanks MisLes, appreciate the response.

I was not able to get an accurate diagnosis as I saw a number of Doctors who didnt know their stuff, thought it was a stress fracture etc...

Are there any stretching exercises/deep tissue procedures i can follow to help.

Thanks in advance, I cant find any real info on the web of any use :)