Hi i have suffered a bad foot for 3 1/2 years just the same amount of time i've been on statins and blood pressure tablets. I have tried everything: inserts, night splints, daily massage, stretching the archilles tendon, cortisone jabs, ice, accupuncture, all to no avail. I suffer shooting stabbing pains under the heel going up deep inside the leg, and it's like a blunt cone of metal is pushed inside my heel. Numbness of the heel, electic shocks, hypesensitivity, joint pains, burning, this is now also affecting the toes, under the arch and top of foot. More recently my good foot has become as the bad one but without the heel pain. I feel as i'm walking on a rumpled up sock or on pebbles. Other times like cut glass sticking into my feet. I am now even in lots of pain when resting. I have seen an orthopaedic specialist and he said it's gout. I had gout 2 years ago but this doesn't seem the same. He told me i was lying about having both pain and numbness as you get one or the other not both. I can no longer walk apart from hobbling painfully indoors. My wifes a reflexologist and thinks it's plantar fasciitis & mortons neuroma. I now take £300mg alluprinol & diclofenic but it's even worse. Anyone got any ideas. I've stopped my statins & blood pressure tabs to see if it gets any better but after only a week it isn't yet. Help please if you have any suggestions i would be very grateful