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For the last couple of days my upper has swelled up, the only thing I have done differently was switch my make-up. Originally I thought it was that. Now, the inside of my mouth is tingling. The entirety of my mouth has these sensation leading down to the start of my throat. What could be causing this?


Hello Paige,

It's possible your having an allergic response from something.  Tingling and swollen lips, swollen throat and tingling sensations in the mouth often indicate this.  Your makeup just might be the culprit.  Make up has a way of being absorbed by pores and in some cases pass right through the skin and passing into blood.  There are many drugs that can cause an allergic response with swollen lips, tingling mouth and rashes as well.  Some people are allergic to vinegar and initially are completely unaware of it.  Vinegar contains sulfur and some people are allergic to sulfur.  You might check around your kitchen and see what you have in there.  You might want to do a search on the Internet for common foods that cause allergic responses.  You can probably check on your makeup on the Internet as well.