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Hello my name is Bonnie.

In June of 2010 my then 13 year old daughter had her fallopion tube removed , the overy was saved. All due to a large cyst. She still has all of the organs on her right side. Now at 15 she has been on BYAZ for almost 4 months, to save her female organs that are left. This is a different Doctor than the one who performed the surgery.


  This Dr. seems to think she should have no problem having children, when she is older and ready.

 However, this year in High school she is in a Medical Acadamy and the teachers there keep telling her , she will have PROBLEMS with any pregnancy.

Someone please help a mother out here . Please let me know what to say to her. She is my only child and she is very much looking forward

 to having a family of her own one day. I too would love that, I also just want her to be healthy all the way around.


Hi Mom,

   First of all, i am sorry that your little girl had to go thru this at such a young age. Secondly, if she has questions, comments and/or concern's, her Doctor is the person who need's to address this, not her teacher's at school. You need to tell her that every one alway's seem's to have an opinion at some one else's expence, and it doesn't matter that they are addressing a youngster of 14. She need's to listen to her own Doctor and if he feel's that she should be able to conceive and carry a baby to term, leave it at that for now. I would contact these people at her school and suggest that they keep their opinion's to themselves, gently and professionally of course.

As for what you should do should she have question's. Do your homework and research her issue. Now when you talk to her, you are being truthful and will be giving her the proper information. Women can have baby's with only one tube in tack, as she still has her ovaries. My sister in law gave birth to a 10 pound daughter with only one tube, and she did not have a hard time conceiving the baby either. She decided, that after 8 year"s of marraige and being on birth control all that time, that they would try for a family. They used back up birth control for 3 month's to insure that the hormone was completly out of her system. First time out with no condom and they were pregnant.



Thank you so much for your reply. I did talk with her about the Teacher and what she should listen too.  This teacher is a Registerd Nurse, teaching a Medical Class. So I think my daughter is the one bringing up the info.  I do agree with you , the Doctor is the one to listen to. She is a little over weight and the Hormones are all over the place. It took me two years just to get her levels checked. She has PMDD! Her face is full of blemishes that are out of control. This is the other reason she was placed on Birthcontrol. All of the Dermatologist we have seen have not helped and their medicine is VERY  EXPENSIVE.

I will continue to seek more info for her (us) . Knowledge is power. This being the reason she is in a Medical Acadamy at 15. In her Generation , we have lost more family memebers than when I was her age. So she is very interested in it all. I will continue to let her ask the questions in class. I will just  be more involved in the ANSWERS.  Thank you again. It does help just to talk with someone who has had a personal experience with the same problems.  My cousin had a cyst burst and lost the overy and the tube. But, her child has some problems. So again , Thank you for sharing.