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We are in the middle of a divorce and have 2 sons, 10 and 14. My 50 year old wife started off by moving into our 10 year old son's room and sleeping on the spare bunk. I felt that was odd. Now she has started to sleep in a double bed with him. I feel this is strange, to say the least, and am worried that her actions may cause him long term psychological problems, maybe sexual? Although he has not asked her to stop doing this I think he feels it is odd. Any advice would be welcome.


I hope you went to court on this issue.  Yes, it is weird and is probably weirding out your son too.  Except by now he may be used to it and even like it.  Some women are just sick and will get emotional comfort from their children even though it is doing extremely harmful things to the kids.

I'm sure this has only gotten worse as the situation has gone on?