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I just had a baby and I had trouble having him to they had to cut me but after wards I poop really normal without any pain but then weeks passed and It started to hurt badly that I would have to grave on to something to make my self poop. It hurts really bad that wen im done it hurts to walk. I really need help and I really dont wanna go to the doctors cus you know how they are they would make you feel pain and I dont want anymore pain then what I have already so pls help!!


sounds like an anal fissure (look up the symptoms). If so, mine has just passed the 6 week mark going from acute to chronic and am lying in bed now in pain wondering if i should just give up food so as not to poo ever again :(


So, take two warm baths a day (sitz bath; its a small tub u place on the toilet and filled with warm water), put a bit of salt in it. keep ur poo soft with a high fibre diet and plenty of water. It should heal.