Hi Alex!

I've done it all as well. HCG, Weightwatchers, LA Weightloss ... the list goes on and on.  I can say, however, that I have found something that WORKS, and is an absolutely awesome and healthy way to lose.

Number one .... I HATE to read such terrible thinking about oneself, however I've been there.  I understand the self loathing, and the physical pain that comes with being overweight.  My husband at one time weighed in at 330, while I myself at the heaviest was 230 (I'm 5'2").  Even though we lost a bit here and there, I had never had complete success with weight loss. Until now ....

My husband and I have gone on to lose 100 pounds combined so far, and have found a new lease on life. So much change has happened in my life both phycially and mentally, that I completely did a 180 in career paths, and am now a Wellness Coach.

Working with youth has actually become a passion for me as well, and I would love to be able to assist you on your journey.  What is it you may ask .... The program I personally stand by and have become a product of is Herbalife.  I can say that with the proper coaching and motivation (both free of charge) you can successfully meet your goals a HEALTHY way.

Being healthy is more than just "weight" .... It's also finding a way to love yourself.  I would love to assist you Alex in your journey as well. It's EASY, it's FAST, and it works with your budget.  I work with indivduals in several states, and am easily accessible through phone and email.

I've been there .... I completely empathize with where you're at, but KNOW that there is a way out.  Please contact me if interested.

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