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i just started dating this one guy and hes never masturbated or had any experience and hes uncircumcised. the first time i gave him a blowjob i didn't know what i was doing and i pulled the foreskin back and he said it wouldn't go back to normal for a few days. second time i tried was a week later and it was hard in the beginning but he tried putting it in and said it started to bleed!

I figured i'd wait a few weeks for him to heal before i even make another attempt but for next time, how do i make him cum? is he just real sensitive and it could be fixed if i am really gentle for a while until he gets used to it?

or is it just not possible for him to cum?

I need reassurance :(


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You don't have to pull his foreskin back to masturbate him. Just move it up and down, putting pressure on the area over the glans with your fingers. After you master that so you can give him pleasure whenever you want, then you can work on stretching his foreskin so it will go back without hurting.

There are several ways to stretch it. When has an erection, you can just pull it back until it gets tight so it's stretched a bit and hold it there for a while to give it time to stretch. It won't become permanently stretched over night, you have to keep doing that for weeks. Another way is to put two fingers inside the end and stretch it open. That works best while in the bath or shower and it's warm and wet.

Where did he bleed? Was his frenulum torn or was it the foreskin? If it was the foreskin, stretching will take care of that. If it's the frenulum there is only one thing that takes care of that. It needs to be cut so it will not be too tight. Mine was like that and I tore it while having sex at first. When it tore I put some toilet paper on the cut to keep it from healing back together. Each time it got a little looser/longer and after 3 or 4 times it never tore again. It is loose enough so my foreskin can be pulled back so the tip is all the way down at the base just as if I have no frenulum at all. It feels so good to be able to pull the foreskin all the way back. A doctor can cut it for him but I kind of prefer the way mine happened.

What is real sensitive? If he's in pain he probably won't come. If his glans is real sensitive, that can be desensitized. If you want to work on that with him, I can't think of a more erotic thing for the two of you to be doing. I had to do mine myself as my wife wasn't interested in helping. If you want to know how I can describe it for you.

hope I helped






i am uncut if this guy has ever jacked off, he shouldn't have any problem pulling the foreskin back



Don't retract his foreskin. Suck his foreskin instead of the head of his penis.

Stroke the skin to masturbate him but don't retract it. The foreskin is a sex organ. Use it as such.