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I am very young, and our realationship  hasn’t been long but I love him so much, he says he wants to make his family proud ( lots have family have joined ) I told him that his family will be proud of him no matter what, I just don’t understand why he can’t just stay here where he belongs, I have preached my feeling all to much and he says that he understands but nothing has changed plan wise on his part , I love him so much and I feel that if he loves me too he shouldn’t go.... he doesn’t need to be in the military to make a better man of himself because he is already perfect. Please please help me I can’t take this anymore.


Hi Its,

If you love him you'll let him go.  He NEEDS to do what he wants and not what you or anyone else wants him to do.  Why?  Because he'll always regret, at some point, what he did or did not do.

If you love him then you'll stand by and support him.