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im 17 and 5 months pregant. the dad lives in tunisia and is 19. he works in a bar and earns nothing. im still at school and my mum is being far from supportive, she says that i dont need a baby, especially not with him. i have been with the dad for 5 years and mum has never been supportive... she wants me to get rid of it.. he wants me to leave the uk and go and live with him... i want to do this but i cant hel thinking this could ruin my life


either way your life is gonna change big time with the baby. You need to finish school and get that education so later you can get a good job or possibly collage. Teen pregnancy & marriage is tough and over half the time divorce happens due to changes either is not ready for or situations they cant yet handle. not enough experiance to deal with tough issues.

You need to think about it big time.
Is he making enough money to support you and the baby?
Talk to your mom and explain to her you dont want to give up the baby. You would be surprised how a heart to heart talk with no yelling will do.

If he is making no money at his current job and you move there with a baby and you dont work how will you feed it, clothe it, how will you afford all the clothes and diapers it needs.
Over all your better off near people who can help you when you need it.
Get your self staight with an education so you can get a good job with good pay, health benifits and more so you can prepare your self to care for the baby, you need to be self motivated for this. You need to be able to care for your self and the baby alone and not be affraid of it in case something does go wronge later on.

Belive me you dont wanna be stuck in a place with no educcation, no job, with someone who cant provide for you and you baby and with no where to go.
Dont forget you have to think about your child first. Its not about you it about the baby and how YOU vcan provide the best for him or her.
Its not how its gonna ruin my life but my babies life.