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I noticed about 3 days ago I started noticing that my ear itched. Then as time went on my ear starting getting very hot. The next day my ear was in pain for real pain. So I tried to look at it. Its now turning black abit. So today it has not gotten any better. I don't know what it is and it hurts so so bad.


Well, you are probably suffering from ear infection so you should start with the treatment as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any other symptoms you should consult your doctor for treatment options because sometimes ear infections are best treated with antibiotics.


If you want to try to get better on your own you can try with warm compresses. This should help with narrowing down the swelling and it will also reduce pain if the swelling reduces. For the pain, obviously, the pain killers are best solutions and of course this can be some over the counter medicine.


If you don’t get better in a few days than you will have no other choice but to visit your doctor.