I'm hoping that someone can help me through this or guide me in the right direction. 


I'm not quite sure how to start this story but hopefully the important elements will be said. 


I met my best friend/lover/ex 4 years ago. We've always had an amazing chemistry with each other. To be honest, he's the love of my life. My soul has ever felt at home with another human being until I met him. I've been in love with him for the last 3 years and he loves me, too, but has been fighting many demons for the last 3 years his life. In December 2017 we had finally made it official and we were the happiest, or so it seemed. After 4 years of knowing each other he introduced me to his family on Christmas and his parents love me so much. I can't explain how well he treated me and how good he was to me, but no one has ever been as loving and caring as he was to me.. In January of this year he started talking about the future and how when he saves enough money he will get me a promise ring and we were just really talking and planning the future.. After 2 weeks he started distancing himself away and being very cold to me. Then one day before Valentine's day he broke up with me but begging for us to stay best friends as we were because he couldn't see a life without me in it. So now we're friends again and I just came back from seeing him and he went to a gp and was diagnosed with anxiety... I wanted to know are these actions a reflection to anxiety? And how is the best possible way to be there for him?