Okay so.. for the past month i keep waking up to my eyes being swollen badly and they are red. They look irritated by something and i've been trying by process of illimination to figure out what it is. At first, We thought it was my makeup so we changed all my makeup. Then it cleared up but came back a week later, and it keeps getting worse. I went to the doctor and nothing is wrong with my eyes. They are perfectly fine and my eyes don't itch or anything. Its the skin around my eyes. Sometimes one eyes is worse than the other. I have been taking sudafed and benedril and i thought it was helping until this morning. Last night before i went to bed, my eyes were normal and then this morning i woke up and my top and bottom eye lids were swollen and the bottom is red and puffy. I have no idea what else to do! i've illiminated everything. We think maybe it could be the face wash i've been using because when i put it on my skin kind of burns and tingles? were still elliminating things so if you've been thru the same thing! please let me know how you got rid of it or what was irritating you because its Christmas Eve and i look like someone punched me in the face! :(
please let me know, thank you