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ok where to start, well im almost 23 never had sex , and im the only guy in my family with a forskin. I have only recently discovered i have meant to be pulling it back and cleaning it since i was 5 (no one has ever brought this up before, the fact is i dont think my mother or farther even reliase this), the fact of the matter is i didnt now i could roll it back until last week (when soft). I still cant get it back when erect, it gets half way down the gland at the top and stops (its squeezes the hell out of him). I think i have made progress streaching it to get further down around my shaft, but still have along way to go.

Ok questions, apart from cleaning,why does it need to retract? does it need to retract during sex? Cant i have sex with my Hood on?
Also since i finaly pulled my forskin back i noticed the skin on the head of my penise is very senitive to the touch (especially if my hands are dry) is this normal?(theres no different feeling when it covered, only when im foir lack of a beter word, playing with it , try to streach it ) as its always been wearing it hood before now?


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Well, beside the hygiene part, which is an important part, sex can be pretty painful and you can also bleed during sexual intercourse. During intercourse, it will stretch and cause you discomfort.
Beside you, your girlfriend may experience problems as well. A rigid penis could dry out her lubrication and cause discomfort with friction, so your sexual experience may not be as pleasurable as it should. Do you have problems with masturbation?

I also heard that some guys started experiencing bending of the penises after a long time of erecting under the foreskin.

I can see that the stretching technique is working good for you. Why don’t you see an urologist and see if you could get a steroid cream as well that loosens the adhesions.

Don’t even think about circumcision as it is not a way to go!