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Hello everyone. I am 27 years old and recently began having sex with my girlfriend. I was a virgin prior to her. It hurts when we are having intercourse and I have had to retract the foreskin on my penis before sex to make it a little easier but I feel such tension around my penis when it is retracted. As if I had a rubber band on it. One day we were having sex and I didn't retract it. I felt a tear and when I pulled out there was a lot of blood. There was a tear from the foreskin and the top of the penis head which is now detached. is this tear normal or why did it happen?

I made an appointment with my doctor to get referred to a Urologist but I was wondering if anyone knew of maybe something topical that I could put on to ease the pain during sex? Any advise would greatly help as well with this situation given that I am new to sex. Thank you.


iv herd of guys getting a hand job from a girl and it torn the forskin ok with this issue i found that masterbation and when in the shower pull back the forskin just a bit wen flasid after a while you should be able to do it no problem and you wont need to pull it back b4 sex coz it will do it naturally best adive take it easy till its looser