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I'm 13 and nearly 14 and my forskin can easily come back when I'm soft withought no pain at all but when I am hard it is already half the way down and can go 3 quarters of the way down 

is this normal or is ur forskin meant to go all the way back when erect 

pls can u get back any replys will be thanked


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You're not alone! I myself even have this issue. It is completely normal and you have nothing to worry about. Try not and force your foreskin to retract and when you start to feel pain stop instantly and try again later. To loosen your foreskin, Run a warm bath or shower ( preferably bath ) and soak in the warm water for a few minutes, Then in the bath slowly pull your foreskin down and like explained before instantly stop at any pain and try again in a little bit, The warm water helps loosen your foreskin and can help with stretching it. It can take a while to be able to fully retract your foreskin depending on how often you stretch your foreskin.

If you need any other help let me know!