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I had a really big pimple, it was red and big. i was stupid enough to squeeze it, and it got infected . Later on i squeezed it again and got most of the juice out. now its kinda small but its still there with a black (dark) color. i dont know if its heal, but when i squeezed it earlier it came out more water. I should stop touching it but its so disturbing! i went to the doctor, but she gave me so pills to drink; which i know wouldnt help my facial; but i tried it. the pills didnt work.. i think i have to come back to her on friday to get a skin doctor to check this out. But in the mean time, is there someone that is having the same thing? or someone that can help me? omggg. im so scared its gunna scar me. =/ !!! please reply!!!


I have the same problem 2!! And I don't know what to do! I had this black flat pimple that has no puss in it for 2 years!!