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Last week, Monday, I had sex and had just gotten my period the night before (sunday).

During sex, the condom had slipped off.

Later that night, I noticed my flow had lightened a great deal and thought nothing of it. The next day my flow had completely stopped. I had my period for two days, not even.

This week, I noticed it hurt to put my bra on. My nipples were very sore and still are. I've started sleeping late, eating more and my body hurts in the morning and after not much movement (walking to the corner store).

I dont want to think I am pregnant simply because I dont want to stress myself and have my next period to be late because of it.

I would just like some suggestions, advice, ideas or even someone to tell me, "yeah, youre pregnant" just to put my mind at ease.
(I could handle knowing I'm pregnant, not wondering)



Having sex while you have your period is okay and there is a tiny chance that conception is possible tho unlikly. I will not say that you are not pregnant, stranger things have happened. Wait it out until your next cycle. I think it is to early for you to have pregnancy symptoms. The sore nipples may be from your cycle being screwed up somehow. The mind is telling your body to have period symptoms, but the period stops or doesn't show up at all. Keep calm so you don't mess up your next cycle.
You sound like being pregnant would be okay for you, so just wait it out.
Good luck.