Can anyone give me any advice.... for the last 3 or so years i have had problems with the end of my penis. The foreskin and glans under constantly getting sore. i find that if i wash everyday under my foreskin it keeps the soreness away but if i have a day where i dont shower it goes patchy red on the glans and the foreskin gets itchy sore. i have been to the docs and he said thrush but cream just keeps the soreness away but then it all comes back once stopped using it. i now use non perfumed shower gel and dry my glans before covering the foreskin back over as thrush thrives on dampness. i have also cut right down om my sugar intake and yeast intake as again thrush is a yeast infection which feed off these. However i still have the same problem. I know the penis should self cleanse but mine can't be as if i leave it it gets sore patchy and itchy...can anyone give any more advice please...? Thanks so much