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for about a year now my stomach is constantly bloated and is makeing me sick everyday. it starts from the top of my stomach to about half way down. ive tryed gas tablets and everything i can think of for digestin but nothing is working. what could be the cause of this


Mine to.. Along with stomach pain ,mainly aroung my belly  @ all over .I look like I"m going to give birth. Gained 30 lbs in 2 weeks . The doc i see ,p.a. has not listened to anything i say. 13 months later i just got into a uralijust. bladder ,4 thats the only plce she would send me. I get sick when i eat .My pain gets worse @ my stomach gets hard .I was having urnionary tract infections ,which u would think she would ask me if that was normal 4 me , but no i had to tell her what she should be asking me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..My bladder came back ok , now i go 2 another specialist 4 my stomach ,being checked 4 stomach cancer or anything. The deal is there is 4 or 5 different cancers that mimic the same systems @ i have them all. Theres Bladder , pancearotic ,stomach , ovarion .??????? I am so scred,if u have any of those systems 4 over 2 weeks u nee 2 get 2 u doc. >.Im still in lingo after a yr. and feel so ,so bad.Im redy 2 just go 2 the er .but not  around here. the vet would be better.  FYI   hope61