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My uncontrollable crying happens anytime.  ONe time I was in a review at work, the review went well, got a great review.  The end of the review when I was asked to express my feelings about processes, I started to cry, I was not upset, did not feel emotional.  I can be having a discussion about anything and staras caused my to not get promotions at workt to cry.  I have been driving down the road and start to cry for no reason.

This has been a problem for about the last 10 years.  Mom heard something about this on TV last week stating that there is a diagnosis for this condition, and there is something that cvan be done.  I am now trying to research about this to find some relief.





there can be several reasons that might be causing what seems like uncontrollable crying out of nowhere. You'd have to go for some blood tests to determine if, first, your female hormones are OK, then, you'd also need a test to check the values of your thyroid gland hormones. Even more often than female hormones, thyroid hormones that are either too high or too low can have a huge impact on your mood - they literally can put you into depression, or, on the opposite side, into hyperactivity.

And, of course, there is a chance that you're more sensitive personality than the rest, so even the small changes in your hormone values cause major changes in your behavior,

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