I'm 21 years old. Started drinking since I was 18. I've always had hangovers after a night of heavily drinking but never after a few drinks. Last year  I was told I have gastritis, esophagitis and a hiatal hernia. Because of this I had to watch my diet which meant avoiding certain foods such as dairy products, flour and acids. I also cut back on drinking, before I used to drink at least twice a month(6-8 drinks per time). Now I only drink once a month and 1-3 drinks. The problem is, each time I drink I get sicker. And it gets worse by time. For example, yesterday I had 2 glasses of vodka with mineral water in a lapse of two hours. I wasn't feeling dizzy nor nauseous. Went to bed at 2 am but woke up at 4 am feeling very sick. Had nausea for over an hour and then I began vomiting. I know I shouldn't drink but I want to understand why my body reacts this way when I drink

One more thing: lately I've been feeling very tired and dizzy even though I don't si much during the day. I've also been very thirsty and have sugar cravings(more like orange juice cravings).